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Get you tickets and start practicing.
If your resume includes a line about being a dead ringer within the video game racing world of Forza Motorsport, A) you should probably update your resume, and B) definitely plan to visit the 2018 Canadian International AutoShow. Because this year, BMW has teamed up with the AutoShow, Xbox, ASUS […]

BMW was busy at this year’s Detroit Auto Show. In addition to their regular vehicles, they had a trio of new releases that will arrive on the market soon. Whether you like smart crossover, futuristic coupes or high-performance sedans, there was something for everyone in BMW’s booth.

While the M3 CS wasn’t the biggest […]

Date night is better at a restaurant that offers valet. Why? Well, finding parking is not exactly a romantic process. Neither is walking through snow and slush in the polished leather shoes (or anything short of snow boots for that matter). So, rather than subjecting you and your date to the frustration and slippery walk, […]

The BMW had a difficult task ahead of them with the i8: while the model currently on the roads looks, sounds and feels like it comes from the future, it’s already four years old and due for some upgrades. But how do you add new features to the most advanced coupe on the planet?
At the […]

Don’t mess with a good thing. Just tweak it.
BMW might have built its reputation on light and nimble sports coupes and sedans, but its most popular segment today is the SAV (which stands for Sport Activity Vehicle – BMW’s lingo for SUV). Demand for vehicles like the X3, X5 and the new X1 has […]

We drop it off, you drive.
The “test drive” isn’t a new concept. For generations, interested drivers have visited dealerships to learn about the latest offerings and then take them out for a spin. It’s an irreplaceable step in the buying process, like trying on a pair of new shoes, but that doesn’t mean the […]

And it was ridiculously cute.
Not everyone who claims to be a “lifelong” fan of something has proof to back it up. But one BMW fan—and one of the youngest members of the Policaro Automotive Family—will have plenty of hard evidence of his dedication to the brand.
The toddler may not remember the event later in life, […]

The Internet has a very impressive way of gathering communities of likeminded individuals. Tribes, we call them. As a brand, BMW had a strong international tribe for decades before the arrival of our current digital ways. But since the Internet’s real coming of age over the last ten years or so, the BMW community has […]

With advice from a professional race car driver.
For some people, the process of purchasing a new vehicle is simple. Head to local dealership of choice, point to car, sign on dotted line and drive away. These people are very few and far between. Trust us. We know.
For the vast majority of shoppers, that “drive away” […]

Everything you need to know (including whether or not you need it).
After you carefully navigated your way through the near-infinite combinations of model, trims, options and colours for your next BMW, it is now time to go and meet with the F&I Manager to hammer out the details of your contract.

Among other things, the F&I […]