10 of the best BMW Instagram accounts to follow

The Internet has a very impressive way of gathering communities of likeminded individuals. Tribes, we call them. As a brand, BMW had a strong international tribe for decades before the arrival of our current digital ways. But since the Internet’s real coming of age over the last ten years or so, the BMW community has gained even more strength and momentum.

Nowhere is this more apparent than on Instagram, the most double-tappable social media platform of all. And did you know that, according to Auto Insurance Centre’s calculations, BMW is the most successful auto brand on Instagram?

But the official accounts aren’t the only one playing a great game; there are scores of accounts curated by BMW fanatics around the world.

Here are a few of the best BMW Instagram accounts that all Bimmer fans should be following.


These folks do a superb job of educating their enthusiasts as well as entertaining, with posts that contain detailed info on the car shown. A great place for BMW nerds to hang out. See you there?


BMW’s Instagram success isn’t due to the fact that they keep their audience up to date on the brand’s news. What makes their account sing is how they connect on a human level by posting plenty of regrams from their community around the world and giving back in meaningful ways. This is social media done right.



They call “M” the most powerful letter on Instagram. We tend to agree.



You didn’t think we were going to put together this list and not include our own Instagram account, did you? In fairness, it is pretty awesome, especially during race season.

Time to get your week started. #MPower #TrackLife #M235iR #Motorsport

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And while you’re at it, follow Policaro BMW Motorsport’s official driver, Jeffrey Kingsley.



Everyone wants to be a part of this club. And with the push of a button, you can be. They’ve also got some pretty cool and affordable merch on their site.

#BMW #BMWM #BMWRepost #M2 #F87

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Where else are you going to get BMW-laced Canadian content like this?


Bruno Spengler is an official BMW DTM driver who frequently gets sprayed in the face by giant bottles of Champagne.



This account doesn’t ever take itself too seriously…or the competition, for that matter.


OK, so it’s not an official account, but it is a great place to see amateur footage of M3s drifting around corners, and we’ve always got time for that.

BMW M3 E92 Drift😈 @bmw_club_official

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