7 Series Goes Electric: 2023 BMW i7


In this new age of electric vehicle advancements, BMW is pioneering the luxury segment, announcing the new BMW 7 Series, built on pillars of sustainability, digitally-forward expression and class.

The highlight of this new Series is the reimagining of the BMW i7, an all-electric luxury sedan that harmonizes BMW’s commitment to responsible automotive sustainability with an unrivalled driving experience, modern comfort and expressive personality.

Stepping forward into a new era, 45-years on from the original BMW 7 Series, the all-new i7 presents modern sophistication that is distinctly BMW. The unmistakable polarizing kidney grille remains the focal point for the Series, surrounded by illumination, while the minimal headlamps provide a signature glow.

The i7 has an extended wheelbase of 3,215-mm and the fifth-generation of eDrive technology introduces two powerful electric motors and an impressive high-voltage 101.7 kWh battery with up to 195 kW DC charging. The sedan sports an impressive total system output of 544 hp at a staggering range of up to 625 kilometres on a single charge. In 10 short minutes of rapid charging, the i7 can increase its range by 170 kilometres.


Thanks to a longer wheelbase and a wider presence, the cabin of the i7 offers executive quality space and comfort, accessed by four automatic doors. Up front, the driver is presented with a completely redesigned cockpit, presented with a flat-bottomed steering wheel, a 12.3-inch vehicle information display, a seamless BMW Interaction Bar for climate and operation controls, and an impressive 14.9-inch control display.

BMW further provides luxury sensations at every touchpoint within the modernly-fashioned cabin. Seat surfaces offer the choice of Veganza or Merino leather/cashmere wool materials for the first time, while the executive lounge offers improved reclining positions to further enjoy the BMW Theatre Screen.


This 31-inch 8k touchscreen display is the highlight of on-board entertainment and comfort, providing passengers with a “an all-encompassing user experience.” Along with the theatre screen, several touch-controlled displays have been added in play of mechanical touchpoints, including the 5.5-inch displays on the rear doors for heightened functionality.

What truly sets the release of the i7 apart from the luxury EV market is the model’s price point. Both the i7 xDrive60 and combustion 760i xDrive start at $147,000, marking a rare moment of parity previously unseen in the EV market.

The 2023 BMW i7 xDrive60 is set to arrive in Canada later this year. Follow Policaro BMW for all the details on the luxury EV’s arrival.


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