BMW expands connectivity with next-gen My BMW App and ConnectedDrive

bmw-my-bmw-app-lp-sp-xxlIntelligent and connective systems to ease any journey, no matter the destination. That’s the focus of BMW’s next-generation of connective technologies, giving customers an intuitive interface to operate their vehicles comfortably and conveniently.

With the all-new BMW ConnectedDrive service and My BMW App, the luxury manufacturer is providing drivers with two new tools to enhance their experience behind the wheel and peace of mind while out of the driver’s seat.

With the BMW ConnectedDrive service, you’re given a series of features that act as a travel guide, entertainment and safety assurance all-in-one package. Through a collection of apps and software, this intuitive service supports everything from autonomous driving and parking to real-time traffic information, navigation and user connectivity.

The My BMW App builds on the previous interface of the BMW Connected app, offering users several new and updated features, such as smartphone voice recognition, all available to Canadians in mid-April, 2022.

The app’s primary interface acts as a dashboard for a BMW, displaying the status of the vehicle, amount of drivable range left and alerting when new Remote Software Upgrades are available for installation. From the palm of your hands, the My BMW App becomes a digital key, shareable with up to five people. BMW’s Climatization Timer additionally allows users to remotely cool or warm their electrically-driven vehicles with pre-conditioned programming.

Navigation services have also seen an interface update with the addition of the Maps tab, providing drivers with quick filter searches for parking locations, fuel and charging stations, BMW service centres and preferred parameters for each filter. Route calculation to each destination has also been improved.

BMW’s latest technological ecosystem launches for Canadians on April 12, 2022, expanding the possibilities for harmousnes connection between drivers and their vehicles.


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