BMW expands its personalized paint options

BMW 2 series Program Paint

There’s a new avenue for personalization in the BMW ecosystem. “Cars as colourful as us” is the motto of the automaker’s latest customization options for the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe, adding to a roster of more extraordinary colour choices.

SUV buyers will also have heightened colour choices for the first time as the BMW Individual program captures the X3 and X4 30i and M40i guise, as well as all M Sport variants of the X5, X6, and X7.

There are more than 120 Individual paint options that are available in both matte and metallic finishes. Customers also have the option to create their own unique hue for a heightened one-of-a-kind look, designed specifically for their vehicle and taste.

The added personality of an Individual finish requires about a 10 week lead time, as demand increases for iconic colours such as Sepia Violet, Verde Ermes Green or San Marino Blue. In order to keep up with orders, BMW has taken steps to manually oversee the bespoke service within its facilities in order to ensure the specialized program is meeting the demand.


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Still, despite the added wait time for personalized paint options, orders have already begun pouring in for orders across the manufacturer’s growing lineup of BMW Individual-eligible models.

Drivers can discover the full breakdown and colour options provided through the BMW Individual program here and even use a digital visualizer web application, which lets users select their vehicle model and select on different paint options virtually before committing to one in real life.



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