BMW has been making short how-to YouTube videos that might make you a better driver

In today’s digital age, information on basically any topic under the sun is just a few clicks away. That said, this bounty of Internet content isn’t always packaged in the most convenient form. Sometimes finding the answer to that specific question that’s been nagging you requires some sleuthing. Other times, it’s right there on YouTube.

The popular video-sharing social media platform is a great way to search for straightforward how-to videos on anything from cooking to crafting to using the smart systems in your new BMW.

Rather than leave it to the BMW owners of the world to post the sometimes-less-than-glamorous-but-still-highly-useful how-to vids, BMW is embracing YouTube University to help educate drivers about its newest features included in the BMW Operating System 7. Check out these BMW how-to videos on things like using park assist, connecting your car to Apple CarPlay and more.

How to use BMW’s User Interface

How to open the BMW tailgate without hands

How to connect your iPhone with Apple CarPlay

How to personalize your BMW’s dashboard

How to use the BMW Parking Assistant

How to use BMW’s Personal CoPilot function

How to use BMW’s Voice Control


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