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BMW is one of the most popular car brands in the world. For decades, they have been building cars that carry a perfect blend of sportiness and class. This made them popular with customers, but also with movie directors: over the years, more than a few suave actors have gained a few degrees of coolness […]

Policaro Motorsport owned the podium at Calabogie Motorsports Park last weekend.
Two event weekends into the 2017 Canadian Touring Car Championship (CTCC) season and Policaro Motorsport has set its sites on the top.
Led by drivers Jeffrey Kingsley and Nathan Blok  in a pair of 2017 BMW 235i R’s from Policaro BMW, the team completed a couple […]

Back in the long-gone era known to historians as The Eighties, BMW wanted to create the ultimate Grand Tourer, a coupe that would show the world just how fast, comfortable and nimble their cars were. This new project was to become the 8 Series, a V12-powered masterpiece designed using the latest technologies and fitted with […]

YOLO, and this guy knows how to do it right.

It’s not every day you meet an elementary school teacher who drives a brand new BMW i8. But Toronto teacher Tony Volpe isn’t an “every day” kind of guy. Nor is his i8 an “every day” kind of i8 (if there is such a thing).
No, 47-year-old […]

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