Inside the expressive potential of the BMW Individual Program

How you decide to spec and customize a new vehicle comes down to much more than utility. Your vehicle is an extension of your personality, and one you’ll spend a lot of time in and around. Down to the finest details of colour, trim and texture, your comfort behind the wheel is important.

The BMW Individual Program honours the connection between a person and their daily driver, encouraging owners to embrace their personality in designing and building their dream BMW from the first steps of the production process.

The process of designing a custom vehicle through the BMW Individual program begins with a driver’s pairing to a sales executive. With the assistance of your sales executive, you’ll go through the process of deciding what features to choose and include in your custom build, including the fine details like materials, threads and colours.

BMW’s Individual program allows for the choice of multi-faceted options, with little limit to creative detail throughout the vehicle’s interior. The combinations of Alcantara, leather, various wood grains, silk and other precious materials are endless, defined only by a driver’s imagination.

In creating the eye-catching presence of the vehicle’s exterior, BMW Individual offers a diverse range of over 100 colours with the option to personally work with teams to create their own personal colour tone or combine colours for a Bicolour paint finish. Matte and metallic finishes further emphasize the vehicle’s stature on the road.

Details from the characteristic BMW kidney grille to the rear trim strip become outlets for creative choice. X models receive additional individuality and detail within their exclusive sporty trim, with exclusive paint finishes.

Following safety requirements and typical brand characteristics, the BMW Individual Program has proven for 25 years that personality and automotive imagination create an unmistakable presence not only in a vehicle’s image, but within a driver’s spirit far beyond the completion of the journey.


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