Policaro BMW’s Lucas Leung achieves BMW Gold Sales Master status

The BMW Sales Master Club is a prestigious title awarded to top BMW sales consultants around the world. It recognizes employees with outstanding sales results, but also acknowledges those who provide unparalleled customer service and who are deeply dedicated to their dealership team. It should go without saying, the Gold Sales Master distinction is a title that many in the automotive industry aspire to.

Policaro BMW is thrilled to announce that its Sales Manager Lucas Leung has achieved BMW Gold Sales Master status. In addition to his passion for the automotive realm, Leung is dedicated to the Policaro BMW team and its guests, all of which helped earn him the distinguished title.

Since he first joined the team at Policaro BMW in September 2019, Leung has worn many hats within the Brampton dealership. He began as a Sales Executive before earning the title of Assistant Sales Manager at the beginning of 2022. Lucas is now Sales Manager at Policaro BMW.

Leung has also been the face of our Garage Tour video series and has appeared on many Policaro live stream events. As a Product Genius, he’s effortlessly demonstrated his knowledge and experience with the BMW lineup, becoming a figurehead of our online outlets.

“On-camera work just came to me naturally,” Leung says. “I just love cars and because of that passion I was able to speak about it naturally.”

Leung is adaptable in more ways than one.

As sales in the automotive industry began to surge across the country after the height of the pandemic, he began to notice a change in the environment of the sales floor.

“When we came back with a shortage of inventory, the clientele were a little more eager to buy specific vehicles—more eager than we were to sell—and because of that, the clientele was quite different,” he says. “Customers were more focused on, ‘Can you get me a car and how’s your customer service?’ That was their main focus, rather than just about the price.”

As the market continued to change, so did Leung. 

For the most part, showroom routines and walk-in conversations had become a thing of the past. Guests would now have their eyes set on specific models beforehand, bringing with them more purchasing power.

“They know what they want, they’re ready to buy, so it’s a matter of how you take care of them,” Leung says.

It was around this time that he first heard of the BMW Sales Master program. This brought Leung a new goal in a period of time when achievements were hard-pressed, dashed away by new-normals. 

Still, Leung made it happen. Today, he’s proud to call himself a BMW Gold Sales Master.

“I think it’s a huge achievement for myself in terms of what I’m able to do. It’s an overachievement for me. When I got the Gold Sales Master, it was one of the happiest moments I’ve felt.”


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