We have a rare BMW 1600 GT on display at Policaro BMW and you’re invited to come view it

BMW 1600 GT Hero

If you’ve ever wanted to get up close and personal with an ultra rare BMW 1600 GT, this is your chance. We currently have an exceptionally unique 1960s-era BMW 1600 GT on view at the Policaro BMW showroom, and it’s even more impressive to explore its intricacies in real life than it is to scroll through these photos—though, the imagery is stunning, too.

Just 1,255 BMW 1600 GTs were produced. It’s the epitome of an ultra rare classic sportscar. Whatsmore, this convertible coupe originally started its life as a vehicle produced by Hans Glas, the now defunct German automaker. The public first got a glimpse of the sports car, which was developed by Italian designer Pietro Frua, at the 1963 Frankfurt Motor Show when it was being touted as the Glas 1300 GT. A few years later, however, BMW bought-out Glas and following the acquisition, converted the 1600 GT into a pure BMW product. 

A few tweaks were made, of course. The two-door drop-top was given a 105 hp engine from the BMW 1600 TI as well as rounded headlights, which came from the BMW 02 Series, and a recognizable BMW kidney grille. A BMW roundel badge was of course added, too.

The BMW 1600 GT that we’re fortunate enough to display at Policaro BMW has been completely restored to its original glory, right down to the leather seating, wooden steering wheel and retro radio fixtures. These fine details are a reminder of the quality and craftsmanship that have been part of BMW’s history for decades.

While we’re not offering test drives of this vintage beauty, we encourage you to visit us at the Policaro BMW showroom at 5 Coachworks Cres here in Brampton to experience the automotive masterpiece in the flesh. 


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