Real advice on buying a BMW from someone who recently bought a BMW

Hindsight is 20-20. We went to one of our customers to ask them about the buying experience and what helped them along the way. Here’s what we learned from someone who recently purchased a BMW.

People will always do things their own way. It’s kind of what makes our entire species unique, the fact that we are each, well, unique. To each his or her own, as the expression goes.

But that’s not to say that we shouldn’t learn from others who have traveled the same road—after all, their blunders and successes could be your blunders and successes, so you might as well do your homework.

That’s why we asked one of our clients to tell us about the process of buying a car. Andrew P came to Policaro BMW in March and fell for a 2017 BMW 430i. Here are some of his insights.

Always consider your options

“I hadn’t owned or even really looked at BMW before, to be honest—I drove a Benz, I drove an Audi, but never BMW. My first time getting into a BMW was actually in a 3 Series. I tried it at Policaro BMW, and compared to the other two brands, it was noticeably more responsive. It’s a sportier drive, definitely, which I liked. I’m young and wanted to have a fun drive. You want to have handles on both side of the steering wheel. It’s a lot of fun.”

Get into the details (aka doing the homework)

“In the early stages I watched some video reviews at one of the auto websites. Then I read a bunch of customer testimonials and they were all pretty positive. Next, I fooled around on the BMW site building a model. To be honest, I didn’t know if I was going to go with the Gran Coupé, but I thought I’d price it out and see what it came in at.”

Get hands on

“I love cars, I love looking at cars, but I’ve never been a big ‘car guy.’ I knew I wanted the 4 Series, so then it just became about researching the features. I had to read up more to decide what features I wanted to add and how I wanted to basically build the model. I did that all on the BMW.ca website.”

Go to a dealership that embodies the brand

Go to the dealership. You go there, you’re taken to another world. It’s hard to understand a brand, which is ultimately what they’re selling. When you go there, you get it. And you get an additional appreciation for BMW. Policaro BMW was incredible. They have a massive stride for service. Totally different than the other experiences I’d had, which felt more corporate driven. There was such a personal touch to it all. Very elegant and classy. I got to see their lounge, which is spectacular. And just the people there; every person I talked to or dealt with from the receptionist, to the salesperson, to the insurance person, was top class. I come from a very service-driven industry as well, and we pick up on those things. They seem to have hit the nail on the head.”


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