The most memorable BMWs in movies

BMW is one of the most popular car brands in the world. For decades, they have been building cars that carry a perfect blend of sportiness and class. This made them popular with customers, but also with movie directors: over the years, more than a few suave actors have gained a few degrees of coolness by stepping out of an M5, a Z8 or another such creation from Munich.

One of the most well-known heroes to have driven a BMW on the big screen is none other than 007 himself. In no less than three movies, the English spy can be seen driving one of those German cars.

Goldeneye – BMW Z3

The first BMW Bond car appeared in 1995: along with a new actor (Pierce Brosnan), this departure from the series’ classic Aston Martins made more than one fan squirm in Goldeneye. However, the baby blue Z3 was pretty interesting and featured missiles and a parachute, among other goodies. “Pay attention, 007.”

Tomorrow Never Dies – BMW 750il

Two years later for Tomorrow Never Dies, Bond got an upgrade: he ditched the convertible and went to the very luxurious 750il. Thanks Q! How luxurious was it? Well, the car drove itself (and Bond could drive it from its phone if he so chose). Today, this wouldn’t be anything dramatic, but back in 1997, it was basically science-fiction.

The World Is Not Enough – BMW Z8

Finally, in The World is Not Enough (1999), Bond got the ultimate BMW roadster: a Z8… which he promptly sent to its doom when it was cut in half by a chainsaw bolted under a helicopter. Oh well.


Ronin – BMW E34

Remember Ronin starring Robert De Niro and Jean Reno? This movie’s car pursuit is one of the best in cinema and it features a gorgeous E34.

The Transporter – BMW 7 Series

We can’t forget our boy Jason Statham for this list. His piloting of the BMW 7-Series in The Transporter is unforgettable. He’s also pretty good at punching and kicking, but damn! “Seat belts.”

The Hire – Various

Some of the best movies featuring BMWs, however, weren’t produced by Hollywood, or by the studios of the Broccoli family in the UK. In case you missed them, BMW partnered with a handful of renowned production talent to put together a fantastically entertaining series of short online films starring Clive Owen as a professional driver. The Hire is an eight-part, two-season series that features some of BMW’s finest engineering and is definitely worth a click or two.



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